Friday, October 24, 2014

About the Author by John Colapinto

I can't remember how I found this book. I'm not sure if it came from my parent's house, or if I picked it up at a second hand store. 

I can guarantee I picked it up because of the title. I can't even say if I read the description before I picked it up to read.

My instincts were correct. Goes to show, you can judge a book by both the title and the cover. (Which means I'm going to have to make sure mine are both good when the time comes.)

About the book - I really enjoyed it. I liked going into it having no idea what to expect. I also liked the fact that I really didn't like the main character. He didn't have a lot of qualities that made me appreciate him, and yet, I still wanted to find out how he'd get out of his situation. I guess he made me laugh at times, and that was his redeeming quality. Even when the novel got a little bit ridiculous, the narrator admitted it. He wasn't that funny though. I found him to be a dick for most of the novel. I may have liked the novel more because of this.

I didn't find anything particularly predictable while reading it, which made me happy. 

I also finished reading it while on holiday, and I think any book that keeps my interest while I'm on holidays is a good book. I've taken books on trips before that I hated. (I know holidays aren't for reading, but it's a nice way to relax.)

I would recommend this. However, I don't know which of my friends or family would read it. I'm sure they'd like it once they got into it.

I liked it though. Nice change from what I'm used to reading.

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