Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Isabel's Daughter by Judi Hendricks

This book took me longer than it should have to sit down and read it. Every time I opened it, I enjoyed it, but always seemed to find something else to do. Today, after my night shift, I finally started reading it. It was an unfortunate time to not be able to put it down because I had to sleep. (especially because I have some time to read at work). I did end up putting it down because I knew I needed to sleep, and then as soon as I was awake and fed, I brought it back out and finished it before heading back to work.

I really enjoyed it. It's about Isabel's Daughter basically. Although, for most of her life she doesn't know who her mother is. It's about her search and her need to find out who her mother is. She grew up without a family and with the feeling that she was abandoned. Of course, the more she learns about her mother, the more she learns that she's found different kinds of family while she grew up.

I loved the ending. Through most of the book, the romantic in me was hoping for a certain ending, and it happened. Not in a predictable way though, just in the way it was meant to be. It wasn't a romance at all, don't get me wrong, but love in a book doesn't seem to be a bad thing in my opinion.

On to the next book... I have to quit buying them until I catch up to the ones I have in my house. Maybe I should be making a list on here with the books I'm planning to read. (there are MANY).

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