Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Invisible Thread by Maree Giles

This book was set in Australia during the 70s. That's pretty important information because what the main character went though, I couldn't even imagine. Also, although I really enjoyed the book, I probably would have loved it more if I could read it in an Australian accent.

It's about a girl who gets sent away to a prison of sorts for young girls. She gets sent away because she ran away from home. From the start, it seems like the whole world is against her, and it pretty much keeps on with that feeling. It is written from her point of view, and nobody else... wait. Strange, they do have on other person's thoughts in this book. I forgot, and now I'm looking at the book differently. For about five pages, they focus on somebody else, and her view of the 'bad girls'. Strange.

Either way, it didn't seem fair. Basically this girl was your average teenage girl. I guess in the 70s people were shocked that a 14 year old could have sex or do drugs, and tried hard to stop it. It seems like to much of a common occurrence these days, and sadly doesn't shock me at all.

Long story short, I liked the book, and couldn't put it down. I like the ones you can't put down. It's based on a true story. I'd love to read a sequel. I actually could go on and on about this book. If I was in University, I'd definitely choose to do an essay on it.

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